10 Signs from Your Angels

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Angels do not materialize into humans and walk up to us. However, they do attempt to communicate in ways that are often missed. Here are some of the most common signs that angels use to let you know that they are trying to get your attention.


You may be walking down the street or reading a book when suddenly you hear your voice called or a whisper that has no clarity. It will be a nudging sound, not sinister or startling, like someone asking a question.


A series of numbers, like 111 or 333 may repeatedly show up on street signs, cash register receipts, or other common areas. Or a favorite number, like 7 or 13 may pop up on clocks, appear on license plates or in reading material.


If you have a favorite scent that makes you feel happy, you may catch a whiff of this smell that seems to come from nowhere. Know that this is no accident, but a way to cheer you in sad times.

Phone Calls

Angels may intercept calls that will give you unneeded bad news. A bill collector or a person that wishes to bring you stress may not be able to get through on your line.


Finding a ‘penny from heaven’ indicates that your angel is near. If you notice, they are always pennies, not nickels, dimes or quarters that someone may have dropped.

White Feathers

A small white feather that appears from the sky, on the ground or close by you is often a subtle way that your angel is trying to communicate. Take heed and pay attention to your spiritual needs.


Dreams are a common way for the spiritual world to set you mind at ease about worries or questions. You may not always remember these upon waking, but a sense of comfort is felt.


A favorite time in your life is often remembered through music. It is no accident to turn on the radio or walk into a store and hear a tune that brings joy.


A bird that seems to draw near to you can be your angel. Birds deliver news if we open our minds to their presence.

Sparkles of Light

If you catch a sparkle or orb of bright or colorful light out of the corner of your eye, feel content that your angel is watching over you.


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