10 Ways to Clear a Crown Chakra Blockage

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Becoming disconnected from your crown chakra is a different experience than with the other chakras. It is more spiritual in nature and can have a very negative effect on the mind. Feelings of living a pointless existence begin to emerge and mental depression and frustration can be overwhelming. Before these signs have a chance to fully emerge, here are 10 ways to clear that blockage from your crown chakra.

1. Meditate. Still the mind until you hear that familiar voice that has left you.

2. Show gratitude. While meditating, thank your higher power for everything that you have.

3. Speak with your higher power. Share the difficulties and ask for help in finding your way back to a peaceful existence.

4. Use the color purple. Purple is the symbol of the crown chakra. It represents majesty and royalty. When comparing to one’s self, the soul is able to experience the spiritual wealth of the world.

5. Surround yourself with crystals. Amethyst is one of the best known crystals for opening the 7th chakra. Not only does amethyst aid in opening and purifying this chakra, but it also protects against negative energies.

6. Introduce scents into your space. Lavender and Frankincense are good essential oils to use while in meditation to clear the crown chakra.

7. Check your ego. A large ego can take over the balance of all of the chakras, especially the 7th. Ask yourself if your self-confidence is turning into a feeling of superiority of others. If so, meditate to see your true self and to fix.

8. Communicate with the universe. Open your mind to establish that feeling of infinity where the universe reflects on how small and helpless you would be without its love and strength.

9. Wear healing crystals. Quartz crystal, amethyst, purple fluorite and moldavite are good crystals for wearing as a necklace or bracelet to promote protection, locate a new perspective and improve mental clarity.

10. Prayer. Never be timid about asking your creator to listen to you and ask for help in your life. This could be one of the best ways of finding your inner strength.


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