10 Ways to Clear a Root Chakra Blockage

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Root Chakra ColorRealizing that your root chakra is becoming blocked is the first step in regaining its balance. Here are 10 ways that have proven effective in clearing blockages.

1.   During meditation, visualize a flame that begins in your tailbone and extends downward through your legs and feet. Feel the warmth as it extends slowly.

2.   Surround yourself with the color red. Red flowers, red candle holders or red crystals can give you ways to focus on the identifying color of the root chakra during meditation.

3.   Go outside and concentrate on the earth beneath your feet. Just as an electrical current is held steady by the ground, so it is with the human body. Feel the power of the earth as it begins to build a connection in every limb.

4.   Physically wrap your arms around a tree and smell the earthy presence of nature.

5.   Go for a walk and breathe the air that surrounds the world. Take long deep breaths and pay close attention to your feet as each step comes into contact with the ground.

6.   Hum or sing an upbeat tune that reminds you of pleasing memories. Bringing joy to the conscious mind can help to filter out negative and lonely thoughts.

7.   Take a shower. Allow the water to run down your head and body, washing away the negative forces that have found a place in your mind and soul.

8.   Take up a hobby that requires soil for planting or clay for molding. Having the feel of the earth between your fingers can prove useful and calming.

9.   Exercise or dance to a favorite melody. Moving about in a positive state releases endorphins that can aid in clearing a root chakra blockage

10.Get physical with the color red. Red underwear, red shirts or red socks that touch the skin are reminders that you are unblocking your root chakra for a more balanced state of mind.

Any way that you can get closer to the earth is a positive way toward clearing a blocked root chakra. Even through thought, the power of connection is possible.

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