15 Ways to Clear a Throat Chakra Blockage

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15 ways to clear a throat chakra blockageThe throat chakra is the 5th energetic center and is responsible for the sinuses and upper respiratory system. Allergies, colds, coughs and frequent sinus infections are indications that your throat chakra is becoming blocked. Communication is key in helping to open this channel and to bring back a sense of wellness. Here are some tips for clearing a throat chakra blockage. 

1. Start a conversation with someone without talking about yourself.

2. Learn to say ‘no’ to friends and family if you really do not want to do what is asked.

3. Really listen to someone and try to empathize to their feelings.

4. Stop being defensive and practice compromising to situations.

5. Let your feelings be known to those that take advantage of you.

6. Increase your water intake daily, along with more fresh fruit.

7. Drink herbal tea to soothe your throat.

8. Start a journal, posting the day’s activities and what your feelings are.

9. Begin communicating with an online community that shares the same interests as you.

10. Take walks and concentrate on the beauty of the earth to clear your mind.

11. Add the scent of jasmine, sandalwood, rosemary or calendula to your home to dispel negativity.

12. Sing or hum to get the vocal cords vibrating.

13. Surround yourself with the color blue to add harmony for wisdom and honesty.

14. Meditate to release your unwanted feelings of anxiety and lack of self-esteem.

15. Practice yoga poses of Camel, Plow or Bridge that are beneficial in opening the throat chakra.

You may not realize it, but a closed throat chakra can also cause hoarseness, neck pain and thyroid problems.  Your fifth chakra, which is positioned at the base of the throat, is considered the “seat” of emotion. A physical bacteria or virus does not have to be present for emotions to cause a change in your throat chakra. Do a self-evaluation on your emotions and how you handle them with others. This could be the answer to keeping your throat chakra open and healthy.

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