3 Law of Attraction Hacks

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The law of attraction is nothing new. Although some refer to it as New Age, there is nothing new about the vibration and energy of the earth. Many are just now realizing that the law of attraction is significant in making their lives happier by using what has been in existence since the beginning of time. As the term implies, the law is set forth according to nature and can be hacked into by following certain rules.

First and foremost, you have to believe that the universe and its infinite power is responsible for how our daily lives perform. It has nothing to do with how we were raised, our personality, or the fairness of the world. The law of attraction is impartial and equal to all that choose to use it.

Secondly, be specific in your desire. Don’t start imagining a mansion with butlers and sports cars. Chances are, you wouldn’t know what to do with this stuff if you had it. Your desire has to be realistic to your individuality and what makes you most content with life. For example, it may be good health if you are plagued with sickness, or in finding that soul mate that shares your likes and dislikes. These are often the things that happiness is built on, not material items that wither and become unimportant with time.

Lastly, keep your desire close to you at all times. An occasional thought will gain you nothing but more of what you currently have. Plan a meditation session once a day for 15 minutes and stick with it. This will help to keep your conscious fresh with the concept that your desire will transpire.

Never give up because you feel that enough time has gone by. The world works on its own time clock and your law of attraction intent has to be patient. While waiting, never fail to grab an opportunity that comes along that could be part of the plan for your desire to take hold. Always be keen to what is happening in your life and question whether or not this is part of the plan.

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