Monthly Mini Vacation with Jean

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Monthly Mini Vacation

Every month Jean and I take a few days to rest, relax, and enjoy time together.  Yet, if you were to examine our lives together, you would find there were times when there was no way we could have accomplished this simple and enjoyable feat.  While earlier the limitations included having available finances to pay for this time and activity; the responsibilities associated with our busy family, the demands of our careers and more were also challenging.

Even now there are demands which must be met.  The difference is that now we know there will always be a way.  We are so committed to this out of town time that Jean actually books a block of time for each month, months ahead.  We know that somehow everything will be covered and we will be taking those trips.

While we face the same trials and tribulations as most, we live with a confidence that each challenge, each desire, and each commitment we make will become a reality.

In fairness I should admit that I find it easier than Jean does when it comes to trusting things will always be okay.  I have seen desired outcomes manifested so many times that I know whatever we desire we can and will.

Yet even with years of training and hands-on experience, we often forget the very basics associated with the Law of Attraction and Manifestation.  More than once we have needed to rethink what it is that we seek, and how we must state our desire.

Next week I will be sharing an example of how knowing exactly what you seek, and how to communicate the details makes all the difference.  The example I share is happening to us right now.  You see; we are just finishing the home buying process and will be moving into our next home shortly.  Yet getting to this point has been a lesson that has reinforced all the little details required to manifest your desire.

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