Ways to Raise Your Vibration

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Increasing your vibration frequency will aid your body and soul in reaching a positive outlook on life. You may think that some people are just naturally born optimists, but nothing could be further from the truth. Being subject to the evils of the world can bring down anyone. No matter your upbringing, your current situation or a bleak future, you can change the way your life is headed by taking these steps to raise your vibration.

It is easy to tell yourself that you must have a better attitude toward life, but making it happen is quite another matter. While it does help to keep a smile on your face, those inner feelings of turmoil may still exist. Here are some ways to bring that level of spiritual vibration to an all-time high and to keep your mind and body under better control.

Pay Attention

Have you ever noticed how you can be going along with a positive attitude and all of a sudden negative thought begins to creep in? This is no accident and it happens to everyone. Negativity has a way of ruining a perfectly fine day if you let it. Stay on guard and pay attention to what your mind is thinking. When a negative thought tries to push away your happiness, dismiss it as unimportant.

Stay Active

You will never see a satisfied couch potato. That’s because the lack of movement plays a big part on staying positive. All the energy in your body becomes stagnant and soon that vibrational frequency is taking a downturn. While we all deserve a break, don’t make it a habit.

Start Your Day Right

How you begin your day can serve as an outline of what you can hope to experience for the next 24 hours. If you sit in front of the TV and do nothing, you cannot expect your energy level to rise. Exercise, work on a project or chore and keep moving.


Meditation is the mind’s way of regrouping and filing all of life’s thoughts in the right category. There may be some issues that need resolved, but others that can be dismissed. Meditation will not only put you in a peaceful state of mind, but will put your mind in order for handling problems with far less stress.

Add meditation to your daily habits, just like brushing your teeth. Calling to your Higher Power and asking for help in your daily activities does not require a lot of time. Set aside 15 minutes in the morning to energize your soul, give thanks for being alive and to get your chakras in balance.

Be Thankful

No matter what you are experiencing, there is someone in the world that has 10 times your problems. It is easy to become negative because you don’t have the biggest and the best of everything. Give the Universe thanks for what you currently have.

Look for Ways to Help Another

Thinking of and helping others is our sole purpose for being. Once you get in the habit, you will notice your vibration meter hitting an all-time high. It is a great feeling.

If you are trying to think of someone that could use your help, you have missed the point. People are placed within your path every single day that could benefit from your smile or your connection. Take the time to notice those around you that might need your help.


Music is a wonderful way to bring vibrations to a level that keeps harmony in the soul. Think of tunes that bring a smile to your face or remind you of happiness. Stay away from depressing songs or loud rock chatter that can irritate your nerves.

Take a Walk Outdoors

Nature provides natural vitamin D plus an uplifting vibration. From the earth to the dramatic colors of the trees and sky, your body and mind will be refreshed with nature’s energy.

Start a Journal

How far you have come on a journey is easier to measure when you can see where you have been. Write down your thoughts, your inspirations, and your feelings. Take the steps needed to become a better person. Look back often to see your progress.

Ask yourself how you feel about yourself and the answer will give you a starting point on whether or not you need to work on your spiritual vibration.

9 ways to raise your vibration. These are some good ways to raise your vibrational frequency. I'll have to make sure to make these habits in order to raise my vibration.

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    I really enjoyed reading “Ways to Raise Your Vibrations”. My body felt calm after reading it. May God bless you.


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