7 Signs You Have a Spirit Living in Your House

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Have you ever had the eerie feeling that you are being watched? This may not be paranoia on your part, but a lingering spirit that is present. Spirits that have crossed over to another dimension can become confused as to the sudden idea of death. They may feel that their business is unfinished or do not believe in the afterlife and are afraid of what lies ahead. Whatever the reason, your home may have a permanent resident from the past that wants to stay. Here are some other signs that indicate that a presence from another dimension is residing in your home:

1. Shadows

Spirits rarely materialize into human form, but a shadow that is caught from the corner of your eye can be a spirit.

2. Unexplained noises

Every house has a variety of creaks and moans. However, if you are regularly hearing sounds that are different from normal settling, like an object being dropped or footsteps in another part of the house, your spiritual visitor could be near.

3. Items that Disappear

We all have moments when items get misplaced. If you are positive of where you left an item and it suddenly disappears, a spirit may be at work. The item usually reappears in the same location after a few days.

4. Problems with Electronics

Spirits can cause havoc with electronic frequencies. Receiving static on a clear day, a TV that turns on and off, or increased volume from a radio are typical examples.

5. Unusual scents

It is not unusual to smell a fragrance of someone when entering a room right after their departure. However, when you have had no company and the scent of perfume, cigars, musty clothing, or other misplaced smells are present, it could be a spirit sharing the same room.

6. Objects that appear by your feet

Pennies, feathers and stones that are found lying close to your feet are a good indication that a spirit is trying to get your attention. If the spirit is a loved one, the object may be something that was shared by the two of you.

7. Pet reactions

Pets are very sensitive to spirits and are often alerted to their presence. A dog or cat perking up its ears to an unheard sound or sniffing about a room can indicate a spirit close by.

signs you have a spirit living in your house

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