About Us

I began my spirituality journey almost twenty years ago.  Initially I was extremely skeptical.  I began to open as I read about spirituality, energy, and the law of attraction.  At first these just seemed to be intriguing ideas, but as I started to attend live sessions and take training, I found changes began to occur in my life.

All of a sudden I began to have small glimpses of energy orbs and later those very energy orbs began to take physical form.   The more I studied, trained, and practiced, the more interaction I could have with these energy forms.

My commitment continued with daily sessions.  I began to see deceased relatives from my past.  A huge breakthrough was seeing Archangels, Mary, Jesus, and God.

The doors continued to open.  Soon I could transport small distances away from where I was physically located.  With practice, these distances grew and grew.  I began being able to detect illness and disease within others’ bodies.  Healing was next.  One of the more recent examples being working remotely with a cancer patient, who is currently diagnosed as cancer-free.

Gems, crystals and really rocks and stones of all types have always had an attraction for me.  Many years ago one of my hobbies was rock hounding, and creating jewelry. As life got busier I put my hobby on the back burner.  Then I saw the powerful results being achieved by many when crystals and gems were used as a part of the energetic work.  I started studying more about this, and slowly added working with stones and crystals.  Seeing someone sell their house just one day after listing it reinforced the power of stones and crystals when cleansed and programmed properly.

I now recognize the power that has been bestowed.  While it would be easy to look back and regret not starting earlier, I believe I have a much deeper appreciation of the gifts that flow to me.

Bob is on sabbatical leave and is unable to respond to messages or take on new clients at this time.