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Archangel Gabriel is a highly recognized spirit that is known for communication. Known as a messenger of God, Gabriel will come to earth in a flash when the Father has an important message to share. Whether in the present or future, Gabriel has the ability to shed light on problems that may be causing you turmoil and to show you the way toward your spiritual mission.

Adding Clarity to the Conscious Mind

The conscious mind often has much chatter from the world that interferes with resolve to problems. Gabriel is known as a messenger of God in helping to bring clarity to events that may be taking place or are set in the future. She/He is noted as bringing the news of Jesus’s conception to Mary in the Bible. This is a thought that might have otherwise been ignored, but Archangel Gabriel is persistent in delivering the truth.

Messages Through Dreams

Gabriel will sometimes use dreams to point you in the direction of your future. You may not even recall the dream upon waking, but a sense of awareness as to which path to take becomes obvious. Before going to sleep, ask Archangel Gabriel for guidance in your life and she/he will hear and act on your request.

White Light is Gabriel’s Sign

It is said that many people, children included, will experience a bright white light when receiving a subconscious message from Gabriel. This is her/his signature that she/he is present and communicating with you. The light represents purity and should be heeded. Her/His electromagnetic energy is very strong and can also be observed during meditation. Because Archangel Gabriel is centered in the second chakra, it is believed that emotional balance in relationships is possible when we ask this dynamic angel for help.

Although Gabriel is not considered a teacher, everything that she/he has to say can be considered a learning moment. It can be difficult to understand what our true goal and mission on earth really is. With help from Archangel Gabriel, we can receive inspiration, discover love and compassion, and align ourselves with the energy needed to follow our spiritual path.

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