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Clear quartz has an interesting history throughout different cultures of the world. Stone tools and glass and lenses were made from quartz, almost as hard as the diamond. Pliny the Elder, a Roman naturalist, believed this fascinating crystal to be water ice that had frozen permanently. This prehistoric gem has been marvelled at since the beginning of time, and this is just the beginning of its magic.

What is Clear Quartz?

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It is an abundant mineral. Found mainly in Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Russia, and Canada, other locations are plentiful in different types of quartz. Formed from the earth’s crust, quartz is a salt in which the anion contains both silicon and oxygen. The ideal crystal has six sides that create a prism with a pyramid-shaped end. Clear quartz crystals and clusters are also found to be useful.

Clear Quartz crystal contains a lot of psychic abilities. One of the significant clear quartz properties is that it helps with one’s immune system and balances your body! At the same time, a it also enables you to align all your body chakras! 

The little-known fact about it is that it’s also known as a ‘master healer’. Why do you ask? Clear quartz properties include releasing, regulating, absorbing and storing, and amplifying energy as well. It also helps with one’s memory and concentration skills, and powers.

These crystals are known to be an excellent stimulator for your immune system, and at the same time, they’ll help balance your body. For best results, clear quartz crystals are often paired up with others like citrine crystals to enhance their abilities even more!  

Material Uses

Corrosion-resistant and non-porous, clear quartz is perfect for making whetstones and sandpaper or countertops resistant to fluid or food particles. However, the most fundamental use of it is for use as a channel for ultraviolet light for manufacturing UV prisms. Quartz wristwatches, clocks, computers, mobile phones, radios, and television receivers are examples of how man has found clear quartz to be a helpful tool.

The Metaphysical Sense

Commonly referred to as ”the stone of power”, clear quartz can be programmed to amplify energy, add clarity to the mind, and aid in meditation. You can communicate with minerals, plants, animals, and intelligent forces outside of the physical dimension with it. It can work on all chakras and has immense healing power.

It is no accident that clear quartz is beneficial in everyday life as well as the spiritual realm. The body is closely tied to the earth, and this incredible product of nature places the power of vibration in anyone’s hands by simply programming to specific duties. The ancient civilization of Lemuria based its entire existence on the strength of this crystal. Known as a highly evolved and spiritual community, they proved that the recreation of material life connected with the realm of the mind is possible. These are some strong clear quartz metaphysical properties!

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How to properly use clear quartz meaning clear crystal quartz? 

Now that we are all very aware of the amazing properties and the true power of clear crystal quartz, we think it’s only fair we get to know about how to use it precisely so that you get to unlock all its positivity and goodness. 

There are several easy ways of using it. The most convenient method of using clear crystal quartz needs to be meditating with your crystals in your hands! Just close your eyes while taking some deep breaths and focus on positive energy while doing so. While breathing out, try to visualize the crystals’ energy forming a sphere of light and covering you with positivity! Try and feel that connection. 

Other easy methods include:

● Carrying the crystal in your purse or a bag so that it’ll help you fight all the bad energies away.

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● You can always choose to wear them! You can easily avail beautiful clear quartz bracelet, clear quartz pendant, clear quartz ring, or even a beautiful clear quartz necklace online; make sure they’re authentic! People also place a clear quartz geode in their homes for gaining positive energy and benefits. It brings to pass a great amount of clear quartz healing benefits.

● Decorate your room with beautiful clear crystal quartz. It’ll make it look aesthetic at the same time. It’ll help you, metaphorically, spiritually, and physically! 

● Finally, you can always gift crystals to your favorite persons. We have to look out for them as well, right? 

How to cleanse your crystals?

Crystals, as we know, are like sponges. They absorb all our bad, negative energies and, in turn, purify them into positive energy. But they start losing their properties if not cleaned thoroughly periodically. You want your crystals to retain the healing properties. For that, you have to follow the steps below, and they’re super simple! 

For example, there are several ways of cleansing a crystal. One of the most widespread and popular ways to cleanse and purify clean crystal quartz is by laying your crystals on selenite for around 5-6 hours but if you can manage to leave it longer, do so. The crystal and the selenite help increase each other’s energy. These two crystals also neutralize and absorb all the negativity while recharging all your crystals with very high vibrations!

Reasons you need to get it for yourself! 

Before we conclude, here are four reasons why crystal quartz is an absolute savior! 

● Crystal quartz will help you conduct positive energy all the time, hence carrying crystal quartz on you is always beneficial. You’ll soon notice the change it brings in you and to your home.

● It is a fantastic gemstone for meditation. The quartz helps in the flow of positive and clear thought. You might want to hold it while you meditate or keep it at a focal point of view. 

● It has been noticed several times that crystal quartz helps you achieve your dreams and goals, and it’s because quartz is made out of oxygen and silicon. These two are the most common and abundant elements on the planet. 

● If you are feeling overwhelmed, restless or confused, quartz is the crystal for you. It helps in thinking correctly, bringing clarity to your life, and also fights restlessness! Thus clear quartz healing properties are tremendous!

We hope you came to know about some great benefits of this amazing piece of crystal. You can also have a look at some amazing facts about Nuumite, one of the oldest minerals on earth.

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