All About Psychic Intuition

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Psychic intuition is when your built-in intuition is developed into a spiritually guided awareness that provides a higher energy level of understanding. This is a fancy way of saying that your sense of intuition will become more advanced. Everyone is born with a sixth sense, but many choose to ignore it. Logic tells them that relying on a ‘feeling’ is no basis for a decision.

Examples of Psychic Intuition

Smelling the scent of roses when someone is about to pass away or suddenly seeing a number or color in your mind without explanation are examples of psychic intuition. It takes time and patience to wait for the rest of the answer, but your senses are now acute as to a future occurrence about to happen. People experience this ability through different forms. Being open to suggestion will encourage the messages. Then you can decide whether or not you wish to pursue the outcome or ignore the call.

Turning Intuition into Psychic Intuition

The more sensitive you are, the easier your intuition will be able to communicate with you. Whether it is a feeling, scent or dream, paying attention to these little suggestions can make it easier to understand how psychic intuition can be formed. By meditating and surrounding yourself with spiritual energy, psychic intuition naturally shows up. You may not even be searching for it, but the inherent ability arrives with your openness to allow new energies to flow.

Having a psychic intuition is not something that everyone wishes to have. You may be trying to awaken one of your chakras in order to become stronger emotionally. Suddenly, you are aware of these extra messages appearing. It is up to you whether you want to enjoy this new form of psychic intuition or to leave it dormant while pursuing other interests.

Psychic intuition is so interesting.

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