All about the Sacral Chakra

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Sacral ChakraChakra 2 – Sacral Chakra

Orange is the color that represents the Sacral Chakra. Picture a red-orange sunset or orange fruit that is naturally fresh, and prepare your mind for the second chakra experience. Used to bring balance to emotional control, personal choices can be better maintained by mastering this connection. To others you will appear as a person that has an open mind to the world, a grounded self-esteem, and a zest for life.

Areas such as personal relationships, sociability, the feelings of guilt, and control patterns, become more manageable when you are able to strengthen your mind with this area of growth. Beneficial in alcohol and drug additions, sexual frigidity, impotence, and other control issues, the Sacral Chakra is physically located about 2-3 inches below the naval of the lower abdomen. In addition to bringing balance to emotions, the physical attributes include curing OB/GYN problems, pelvic pain, urinary dysfunctions, and lower back pain.

Essential Oils and Food

Chanting is a means of bringing focus to the revelation of the soul. However, scents and flavors add to the experience and give you pleasing memories. Some of the essential oils associated with Sacral Chakra include Indian Paintbrush, rose, jasmine, melissa, hibiscus, lady’s slipper, and orange.

Foods for healing include sweet tropical fruit and spices. Melon, strawberry, oranges, coconut and mango are perfect for bringing a sensuous feel to the inner body. Honey, almonds and sunflower seeds aid in the healing purpose of this Chakra, while vanilla, cinnamon, and sweet paprika are also helpful.

Water is the main element for absorbing the energy of Sacral Chakra. Sitting by a pond, a flowing stream, lake or river is recommended in bringing the manifestation of balance to the body. Allow yourself to rediscover the intimacy of a rooted foundation by using Sacral Chakra as one of your ways to balance your emotions and actions in the physical world. Sacral Chakra teaches you to accept people and situations with ease without stress, panic, or restraint.

Sacral Chakra Infographic

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