How to Recognize When Archangel Gabriel is Present

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Archangel Gabriel will not materialize before your eyes with trumpet in hand. This angel is more subtle, but always has an inspiring message to share. You may have to pay careful attention to your spiritual balance in order to feel the vibration of his/her presence. Ask Archangel Gabriel to help in unblocking your spiritual vision and you will find talents and passions that have been hidden all of your life.

Dreams Signifying Messages

Dreams are a common way to meet Gabriel. However, he/she is all about patience and love and you will have to wait until the time is right. This angel may never appear in form, but will create a dream with people and places that show you the way. Showing instead of telling is a common way that Gabriel gets your message across with clarity. You may also receive the message in pieces, depending upon your ability to grasp the realism.

Automatic Writing

Some people are attuning to a creative nature and find holding a pen above a piece of paper works well in bringing Archangel Gabriel to them. Relax and almost enter a state of meditation. When a thought comes into your mind, write it down. Before long, an entire page will be filled with ideas that you need to expand on and journeys that must be taken. You will be surprised at the message Gabriel has to deliver.

Meditation and the Third Eye

Calling upon Gabriel during meditation can be a bolting experience if you are not prepared. He/she possesses so much energy that you could find yourself becoming lightheaded. Always take the time for adequate grounding. Thoughts of bright yellow/gold or white light may fill your soul and a sense of peace will calm you right before your message is heard.

Archangel Gabriel is a powerful messenger, but he/she realizes that humans must be prepped for direction. Do not become impatient in waiting for Gabriel to appear. You will receive the news at just the right time and in just the right form that Gabriel believes is best for you.

I don't always know if Archangel Gabriel is around after asking him. These are good signs to look for. Hopefully I'll recognize Archangel Gabriel next time. #archangelgabriel #archangel

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