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The body, mind and spirit are destined to suffer from the turmoil of the earth. Whether it is a physical ailment, emotional trauma or unbalanced chakra, Archangel Raphael will come to your aid. Known as the angel of healing, Raphael’s goal is to heal all living beings on earth. He also oversees the healing of the earth at God’s command.

Color Association

Emerald green is often associated with Raphael’s presence. A glowing light may be seen as a feeling of compassion and love surrounds your soul. Meditation can help to calm the mind to receive Raphael’s wonderful presence.

Helping Others

Contacting Archangel Raphael is not limited to your own personal desires. You may have a concern over the health of another or oncoming harm being placed upon the earth. Your plea for guidance in helping others or becoming involved in remedies will always be answered through intuition or hearing a conversation that offers an answer.


Many times, when physical healing is requested, an immediate answer will come in the form of a recovery or a long-awaited diagnosis. Other times, a dream or a certain idea will point you in the right direction. Depending on the situation, Raphael will be at work to bring you an answer. Never think that your quest for delivery has not been heard. Raphael will respond when you are ready to accept the answer.

How to Contact

Make your case to Archangel Raphael then quiet your mind. The answer will come when you are ready to listen and to take the appropriate steps required of you. Angels can only help when you are willing to listen.

Archangel Raphael can also follow us through safe travels and help to alleviate stress and grief from our emotional being. When asking for aid, simply describe the situation that exists and let Raphael decide what course is best to take. You may think that there is only one answer to a problem. However, by waiting on an answer from Arch Angel Raphael, you may find that his solution is the best way.

Good information all about Archangel Raphael. I never knew he was the angel of healing. #guardianangel #angel

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