How to Ask for Guidance from Angels

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How to ask for Guidance from Angels

It can be a very lonely feeling when you have personal problems and do not have anywhere to turn. However, when energy is present and you have a belief system in place, you are never alone. When you have a belief system in place and you work toward keeping your energy levels high, angels are attracted to you like a magnet. They will never interfere, though, unless you ask for their help. There are 3 components that must be in place when asking for guidance from angels.


Your heart chakra must be open and you must be willing to allow experiences that may not be your idea of a well thought out resolution. This is because angels speak to the heart and not the mind. Wishing to connect with an angel, being patient and having a positive attitude, will summon an angel to be with you and prompt heart-felt answers.


You must be willing to accept the advice or solution offered. If you have no intentions of making a move toward resolution, this signal can clearly be felt. Your subconscious must be open that this is the way that things will be, with no turning back. Be absolutely sure that you need the guidance of an angel before calling.


Angels cannot help you if your situation is not reasonable. For instance, asking for help in changing someone’s attitude toward you is not a reasonable request. However, you will receive help in whatever you are hoping to achieve. It just may not come in the answer that you wish to hear. Be accepting of the guidance and know that there is a reason for this direction.

After meditation is the perfect way to ask an angel for guidance. You are undisturbed and able to give all your energy and attention to them. Writing notes or keeping a stack of ‘Angel cards’ is another way of attracting angels. When they see your request in writing, it pleases them to come.

Never be afraid to affirm that your angel is near. Simply say, “Guardian Angel, show me that you are with me now.” A warm feeling, a flash of bright light or another type of sensation will happen and you will suddenly be at ease with your angel. To know that you have an angel close by is a comforting feeling.



When the almighty created this world, he knew his eyes would fall short to look after everyone. Hence God took the precious time to create angels. All human beings upon birth, have the privilege of being accompanied by an angel. These angels look after them throughout their lifetime. Throughout their lifetime, time and again humans are faced with challenges. Under such situations, it’s their guardian angel that guides them. You need to find out who your guardian angel is. So, how to find your guardian angel? You certainly won’t bump into them in at a mall or a super market.

Seeking guidance from angels is an age old practice. The guidance from angels is divine and eye-opening. People who are able to receive daily guidance from their angels, are seen to have abundance of happiness and prosperity in their lives. Needless to say, having a heavenly influence bestowing their precious energy on you will surely take you to heights of abundance and prosperity. 

But, is it that easy, talking to angels? It solely depends on the approach that you decide to adopt. Talking to angels is a simple yet a dedicated task. It isn’t as easy as it is portrayed in the movies though. Angels need to be summoned. They do not hang around all the time. When you listen to shamans saying “M’ calling my angels” they mean it. So you must be wondering now, “how to contact my guardian angel?” Angels need to be called and summoned through simple rituals- rituals as simple as meditating with a candle.

But do not fool yourself. Angels are heavenly creatures. They only respond to sincere and dedicated requests also have their own discretion. They decide whether they want to respond or to ignore. If you run to them and ask angels of every trivial matter, they are never going to establish contact. In order to ask angels, you need to prioritise. Above all you need to learn how to talk to angels. Talking to angels is an art. Angels respond in ways that are unfathomable to people in general. It requires a great deal of attentiveness and observation to understand what the angels are trying to convey to you. Seeking guidance from angels might seem like a great idea, but deciphering the answers requires a good deal of understanding.

Most of the answers are in the form of hints, symbolisms, events and feelings that we might experience on rare occasions in life. If you want to know how to talk to angels so that you can actually seek some much needed guidance from them, we have compiled this article just for you. We have created an in-depth and comprehensible account of how one must decipher what their guardian angels hint at them. If you are a person who dedicatedly seeks guidance from the angels, we are sure the angels do respond to you. The only thing required is to understand what they are saying. Read on to know the secret behind communicating smoothly with angels.

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How to ask for guidance from angels. If you need help from angels, make sure you know how to ask them for it.

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