How to Balance your Heart Chakra

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what is the heart chakraHeart Chakra

Your heart chakra does more than open your heart to love and understanding. Because of its location in the body, an imbalance can bring about physical problems of the lungs, heart, nerves and muscles. Some of these include pneumonia, asthma, shoulder and upper-arm pain and diseases of the heart. From avoiding illness to maintaining a relaxed state of mind, the fourth chakra can change your entire outlook on life.

Meditation and Vibration

Meditating and focusing on the element of love can soothe the soul and much more. When we are aware of negativity and evil that threatens to overpower our space, wash it away by meditating on pure thoughts of love, forgiveness and compassion. Seek strength from your higher power and refuse to allow impure thoughts of revenge, hate and greed to enter your mind. Vibration is said to expedite these feelings of purity. The comforting note of “B’ used in a humming sound or chanting the word “Yam” brings vibration to your body. Practice this with your tongue placed flatly against the roof of your mouth. You will feel the energy and the release of negative thoughts.

The Element of Air

Air is the element of the heart chakra. If the weather is permitting, walk along a quiet setting, such as a beach or through a meadow. Take in the openness of the world along with the feel of the wind against your skin. Open a window in your meditation area and allow the freshness of the air to clear your senses.

Green is the Color of Nature and your Heart

The color green signifies the fourth chakra. Emeralds and jade stones should be prominent in your meditation area. This helps to bring the richness of grass and trees into your space. Think of the decor of your home and let this element stay with you. Indoor plants, a wall painted light green or candles of a green shade can be beneficial in feeling the love of the heart chakra.

The world can be an ugly place, but only if you allow your heart to become cold and angry. By opening the heart chakra, you will be able to cope with the impurities of the world and enjoy better health. Physical symptoms can be a sign that your fourth chakra is closing. Begin work immediately on keeping this chakra open and healthy.

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