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What Benefits do Himalayan Salt Lamps Provide?

Natural water is a healing source, even when unseen. The air that we breathe holds small amounts of water vapor that can become contaminated with pollutants. Chemicals used in flooring materials, plastics and paint can create an atmosphere of poisons inside our air-tight homes. Salt is hydroscopic which means that it attracts water particles. As the natural Himalayan Salt Lamp draws the polluted water from the air, it neutralizes their positive ions with the salt’s negative ions.

Physical Remediation

Those that suffer from allergies and asthma often find relief in rooms where Himalayan Salt Lamps are used. Although not approved by the medical community as a form of respiratory treatment, you only need to speak with those that have these lamps to know that something incredible is happening. Ease in breathing, clearer thoughts and less congestion have been noted by many with respiratory problems.

The salt lamp takes allergens, dust and other particles from the air.  The negative ions released from the lamp attach to these particles in the air, causing them to fall.  You may find your home is a bit dustier after getting one of these.

Electromagnetic Waves

Technology is a marvelous asset to the world, but no one really knows the potential damage that electromagnetic waves cause to humans. Continued exposure to high amounts of electromagnetic fields (EMF) has been found to have lower immune systems that lead to a variety of physical ailments. While Himalayan Salt Lamps provide only a small number of negative ions, the air seems to improve when used around electronic equipment.

Mood Enhancing

Any time nature is introduced into the home, a radical change takes place. The air seems cleaner, moods are improved and thinking becomes clearer. It does not take long for Himalayan Salt Lamp users to feel the difference and may place them all throughout a home. The light that is released from the interior bulb helps to intensify a warm feeling by bringing a glow to the natural salt structure. These lamps are aesthetically pleasing to any type of decor and often become a standard accessory.

There are many companies that sell look-alike models of Himalayan Salt Lamps that are made of plastic. Be aware of where your lamp has come from for increasing your physical and mental health. Our bodies were meant to be one with nature and the Himalayan Salt Lamp is one way to work closer to this goal.

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