The Best Crystals for Anxiety Panic Attacks

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Crystals can have a positive effect on our emotional state of mind. Anxiety panic attacks plague thousands of people every year, causing physical conditions and disruption in social settings. If you have ever experienced one of these attacks, you understand the uncontrollable negativity that is felt.  Two crystals are recommended to ease the mental and physical ramifications from anxiety panic attacks.



Turquoise has been revered for millions of years. Egyptians once considered this crystal more valuable than gold for its powerful healing characteristics. Found close to the earth’s core, it forms from copper, aluminum, and phosphorous activity and rises to the surface. Turquoise is an amulet stone. It is known for tranquility, as well as peace. Turquoise is also recognized for providing protection from the undesirable elements of life. It is unknown if one natural material, or the combination of all, is responsible for the calming effect that is holds. In addition to relieving stress and controlling extreme impulses, turquoise helps to overcome conflict and deal with rage.


LepidoliteLepidolite, while often found in small pieces within large pieces of quartz, is actually a form of mica. Cave paintings in Greece have been found that were made with mica and cosmetics of today use this mineral. However, pink and lilac lepidolite is very difficult to locate. Mainly found in the country of Zimbabwe, this color is said to be the most powerful for counteracting anxiety panic attacks. A well-known form of lepidolite is a purplish-grey color and is mined in California, Colorado, and Brazil. While not as intense as the pink and lilac versions, it was once used in the manufacture of the popular drug Lithium, an anti-depressant. Lepidolite has the ability to calm an anxious person down quickly and makes a beautiful jewelry accessory for those that are troubled with panic attacks.

There are many other combinations of gemstones and crystals to be considered.  Carnelian is a red and orange crystal that helps to reduce negative thoughts and anxiety.  Hematite is another good crystal for easing those periods of worry and anxiety.  Blue Lace Agate and Flourite are also known for their calming effects in times of stress and they aid in balancing your chakra.  You may find that certain stones and crystals work better for you than others.

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Best crystals and stones for anxiety Panic Attacks

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