Blood Moon Meaning- Know Its Spiritual Meaning and Significance

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In the Book of Joel, Bible 2:31, Acts 2:20 it has been written: “the sun will turn into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes.” And Revelation 6:12 says, “I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red.”  Today we will discuss about the blood moon meaning.

This definition resonates exactly like the Blood Moon last seen on 28th September 2015 and is predicted that the next blood moon will be visible again on 26th May’21, 07:14 a.m. ET from North America. 

But the question is what is the real blood moon meaning? Is it really as dangerous as described in the bible or does it only have an evil appearance? If you too have these questions popping in your mind then keep reading to know about blood moon spiritual meaning in detail. 

The Spiritual Meanings:

Blood Moon Meaning

The only spooky thing about the concept of the blood moon is its red color. The blood brings is actually said to bring prosperity in your life. It gives rise to new beginnings and put an end to all the blockages form your life. The bible itself suggests that after the blood moon meaning is end of negativity and after which Jesus Christ was born again. 

If you dealing with toxic relationship, or unhealthy job environment, or may be struggling to take a massive decision of your life, the arrival of the blood moon will help you figure out all your life’s decision and will bring a positive change in your life. There are few zodiac signs who will be the most benefitted by this natural phenomenon. 

The Christian Prophecy: 

According to the Christian prophecy stated in 2014, the blood moons significance is a beginning to an apocalypse of the world. Which in simple terms mean that the end times of the world is being announced by the universe through the rise of blood moon. 

The Astrological Perspective:

In astrology, the red moon symbolize emotional stability, financial growth, personality development and many more aspects. The moon holds a significant place in the astrological science and this particular eclipse holds special mention as it is one of the most powerful among all.  

The Significance

The most common question asked is the significance of the blood moon or simply “what does a blood moon mean and what is the circumstances of it?” Honestly, there is both good and bad effects reflected in this phenomenon. For some, there will be fortune blossoming in your life you could never have imagined even in your dreams. 

But there will be instances in some people’s life, especially some zodiac signs, who will be facing consequences during this time. However, the astrologers say, even if you go through rough changes, the end result will be always in your favor and you will realize later on in life about the significance of your downfall.

This is the reason the bible says that the blood moon means the beginning of an ending. You will definitely be able to feel a lot of changes coming to your life eventually all of which will be fruitful to you. 

The Reason behind the Color: 

How Lunar Eclipse Work

Have you heard of the term called “total lunar eclipse”? We are sure you have! This is what is called the red moon or the blood moon. Scientists are of the opinion that blood moon occurs every 2-3 years during the lunar eclipse. The difference is only that, sometimes, the distance between the sun, moon and earth is very close and they align on the same line.

The general theory for this is, the moon should be looking fully invisible or dark. But experts say, as the size of the moon is much bigger than both earth and moon, the rays reflect strongly on the moon. This causes the reddishness of the moon. It occurs on every lunar eclipse, but is visible only after years. 


Now that you already know when is the next blood moon coming, what are the changes it will bring in to your life, blood moon meaning, and the spiritual symbolism, it is time for you to get set to bring in some major changes in your life. This is the time you should be adopting to new things in life. This lunar eclipse may shed a shadow on the moon but will help remove all the dark shadows from your life.

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