Bob’s Five Best Ways to Contact Your Spirit Guides Conclusion

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5 Best Ways to Contact your Spirit Guide

Your spirit guide is always with you, but will rarely try to get your attention.  It is up to you to seek the initial one-on-one conversation that opens the door to communication.  There are different ways to summon your spirit guide, all of which require the belief that your inner thoughts can be used as a channel.

Action 1. Meditation

Create your own personal zone starting with a quiet area.  You cannot hope to invite your spirit guide into your space when your mind is occupied with worldly thoughts.  Once you have wiped your mind free from the clutter of the day, you will see this presence in your mind’s eye.

Action 2. Detach your Voice

It may sound impossible to carry on a conversation with your subconscious, but with practice, you will be able to recognize the difference between your own thoughts and that of your spirit guide. Ask simple questions and listen for the difference in responses.

Action 3. Never Acknowledge Negativity

Your spirit guide is not able to create negative thoughts.  Only kind, nurturing and peaceful feelings will come from your guide.  If there is negativity in a response, you need to re-evaluate this entity.  Perhaps you are not relaxed properly and the stress from the day is trying to break through.

Action 4. Get Personal

Many believers will create a name for their spirit guide.  After all, this spirit will soon become your best friend and confidant.  After a while, it will no longer be necessary to enter into a meditation aura, but simply addressing your guide by their given name.

Action 5.  Forming Pictures

Hearing your voice is not the only way to know that your spirit guide is present.  Sometimes, a video of a rolling brook, a picture of a golden wheat field or birds in flight can appear in your mind without any words being spoken.  Pictures can also help to calm your nerves during stressful situations and allow your spirit guide to channel more easily.

Many beginners will write down questions and then quickly answer.  By thinking and writing, the verification of answers is solidified.  It is not difficult to separate your subconscious from that of your spirit guide.  Everyone has their own personal way of contacting their spirit guide.  Try one or more of these methods to find your spirit guide.

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