Bob’s Suggested Actions to Help you Develop Manifesting Skills

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Free will is an explosive phrase. Each morning when you get out of bed, you make a choice that will affect your day and your future. While you may be free to sleep away the day, there is a big price to pay. Where does this feeling of wanting to do whatever we feel like, come from? This disconnect from the Universe can not only waste the gift of the day, but can also invite negativity to control your world.

ACTION #3: Speak in Present Tense

I have a workable goal or I am succeeding, regardless of hindrances, are present tense ways to keep moving ahead with definite manifestations. There is no room for wishing, hoping or trying to have what you desire. You will never see yourself on the other side of success when your energy questions your motives.

Manifesting Tips 

ACTION #1: No Matter What, Be Thankful

ACTION #2: Make Lists of Substance

ACTION #3: Speak in Present Tense


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