Bob’s Suggested Actions to Help You Develop Manifesting Skills

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Free will is an explosive phrase.  Each morning when you get out of bed, you make a choice that will affect your day and your future.  While you may be free to sleep away the day, there is a big price to pay.  Where does this feeling of wanting to do whatever we feel like come from?  This disconnect from the Universe not only wastes the gift of the day, but can also invite negativity to control your world.

ACTION #1: No Matter What, Be Thankful

The earth is a loving gift to be cherished and enjoyed. No one is born into the same set of circumstances, but everyone has the same Universe to become one with. Gratitude is a tremendous boost to giving your life meaning. What if you had been born on a planet with no sunshine, no energy, and no new growth for a healthy atmosphere? As long as you wake each day, the world has provided you with a fresh outlook. Give praise each morning that everything is in balance and that you are free to enjoy this time.

ACTION #1: No Matter What, Be Thankful

Manifesting Action 1

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