7 Steps to Follow When Starting Meditation ~ Step 6

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Meditation involves a series of steps that help to enhance the experience. Following a detailed chart of regular maneuvers will bring that peaceful state of being faster and easier. However, patience and determination are key elements to mastering meditation. If you are a beginner, follow this list of tips. You may find other options more appealing later on, but these are great tips for beginners. Over the next few weeks I will be reviewing these 7 steps. Last week we covered STEP 5.  Today we add STEP 6:


Block off a 15-minute session each day. Scheduling and attending a meeting is something that most of us experience. Treat your meditation time with the same respect. There is no reason to tell others what this time is for. Make this appointment as important as any other.


Begin the day with a short meditation session. 5 or 10 minutes will not only bring peace to your soul, but will make the day run smoother. The vibrations will clear out the noise of pending problems.


Be accepting. During your meditation session, sit with palms open to accept the energy that is waiting to enter you. If problems are continuing to swirl in your mind, repeat “I forgive, I forgive.” This is a positive tactic that leaves you open to abolishing negative thoughts.


Create a mellow mood. Light a favorite candle and put on soothing meditation music. This will aid to letting your emotions go and focusing on the here and now.


For evening meditation, first soak your feet in warm water and essential oil.  This is not a requirement, but many who meditate report that this nurturing process helps to prepare the body for a more favorable experience.


Make sure the spinal cord is straight. Breathe in and out, slowly.  Taking in that last bit of air that is often forgotten, and releasing completely. This will help the flow of oxygen extend to its fullest potential.

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