Why Can’t I Manifest What I Want When I Want it – Week 5

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By far the most frequent questions I am asked are associated with manifestation.  The request might be how to manifest good health, a home to live in, a comfortable retirement, cash in the bank, a new car, or many others.

The most common question is: Why Can’t I Manifest What I Want When I Want It?

I always start my reply with:  There are several reasons why manifesting will not work on demand. The Universe dictates how laws are set forth and followed. To those that are new to this discovery, it can be like being reborn. The enormity of it all has to be taken in baby steps and does not magically occur overnight.

TPurposeful Intentionip #5

Purposeful Intention

A strong commitment to a desired manifestation is absolutely crucial in receiving desired results.  Being flippant in obtaining this ability will only prolong a natural force.  Unwise and evil intentions are not recommended either.  Negative outcomes could cause future chaos and take away from the original purposeful intention of manifestation.

Tip #1:  Manifestation Requires Focus and Discipline.
Tip #2:  Negativity Cancels Manifestation
Tip #3:  The Desire Must Be Genuine
Tip #4:  Limit Distractions
Tip #5:  Purposeful Intention

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