Changing Your Mindset to Attract what You Desire

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Changing Your Mindset to Attract what You DesireChange Your Mindset to Attract What You Desire

Attracting what you desire can be a misleading statement. It is not about wishing on a star or manipulating other people, but changing the way you see and feel the power of the universe. The universe is a living, breathing mass that exists on energy. Since we are part of the universe, we also possess this connecting energized force. However, there are rules that have to be followed in order to keep a natural balance.

Be Accepting

All mankind has flaws. Most are acquired when we are children. Selfishness, prejudice or self-pity may be set at an early age by watching others. Negative traits can become the forefront of the conscience, causing attraction to be blocked. Manifestation begins with a self-analysis of yourself and how to increase your positive thoughts. Negativity is a barrier to energy and vibration of the universe. Being able to accept your flaws and understanding the connection will change your energy.

You are not in Charge

Many people feel that they are in control of their own lives. This is true to an extent. Daily movements and choices are ours to make, but only by routine. We were meant to be part of the bigger picture, included in the universe and a higher power. Man is a social being for a reason. By helping others and taking care of the planet, there is harmony and love. When selfish goals become the center of our lives, we are left alone to wander aimlessly. By submitting to the reality that there is a reason for our existence, the subconscious is awakened and able to create a path to positive thinking and attracting this power.

Time for Meditation

Meditation is used to contact and connect with the universe, but we have to ask for direction. The chatter of the world leaves no space for finding ones inner self and the beginning of a positive change. This practice can also clarify what you are actually seeking from the universe. Once the universal energy is able to break through to your conscience, new discoveries about your emotions and thoughts are clearly seen.

Before wishing for that new car or a raise at work, get your own mind in order. This is where most common errors begin with attracting manifestation to your desires.

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