Choose Happiness as Your Desired Outcome

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Choose Happiness as Your Desired Outcome

In your life, you will be faced with many different challenges including personal relationships, career advancement, financial status, as well as your spiritual faith.  In all of these challenges, however, you have to make a conscious effort to choose happiness despite the outcomes of your efforts. Your quality of life, including your interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships, will partly depend on your acceptance and happiness with whatever outcome that arise.  If needed, you can then move forward toward better solutions.

But making happiness as your desired outcome can often be easier said than done.  After all, there will be outcomes which are neither to your benefit, nor to your liking.  For example; you might not land a dream job, or your marriage proposal may not go as planned.  You will have a harder time making happiness a choice but that is where the beauty of it lies – your victory will be sweeter for it.

Just Try First

Even the smallest effort to be happy amidst sadness will go a long way toward actually increasing your levels of contentment and gratitude, and very likely your happiness.  You will not know whether making the attempt will actually lead to your happiness if you fail to make the attempt in the first place.  Just make the attempt, and then enjoy the results.

Make It Your #1 Goal

Every day when you wake up, one of your first thoughts should be about adopting a happy attitude, despite the challenges that may come along.  You need to practice the attitude, and then to make the choice to take advantage of every opportunity to be happy.  Seek happiness even when it means sharing a few minutes of laughter with your colleagues after a stressful meeting.

You may also consider reprogramming your personal values, beliefs and ethics for the better.  Learn improved self-management, as well as career-related skills, and interpersonal skills.  You should also linger in the special moments of happiness that occur in your daily life.  Look back on them and anticipate even more of the in the future whenever you feel a bit frustrated.

More importantly, you must choose mindfulness because it is one of the cornerstones of happiness.  Being more mindful means engaging in meditation, being more observant of people and places, and being more sensitive to the needs of others.  In so doing you will be able to be a giver of happiness, which in turn will add to your own happiness.

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