How to Cleanse your Home with Singing Bowls

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How to Cleanse your Home with Singing Bowls

What are singing bowls? These sound really cool. I need one!Space cleansing is a way to purify the air and to allow new chi to enter your home. Negative vibrations often enter from a home’s impure elements (such as chemicals, plastics, etc.), negative visitors, or just plain out-of-balance living. Singing bowls are one way to introduce purity and harmony in an environment.

Choose the Right Singing Bowl

There are very few ancient singing bowls available for sale today. Even if you did find one that had been blessed by Asian ritual, the cost would be very expensive. But, there are a few things to look for in singing bowls to guarantee the best results possible. There should be 7 types of metal used in your singing bowl; silver, gold, tin, copper, zinc, iron and lead. This is hard to determine by talking with a salesperson so it is best to only deal with reputable singing bowl dealers.

The quality of sound is important. At first, all sounds may sound alike, but as you listen carefully, the tones and vibrations will take on a clarity all their own. At this point, do not be surprised if a certain bowl calls out to you as ‘the one’. There will be something about the sound that seems to melt into your soul and make you feel utterly relaxed and refreshed.

All singing bowls will be flat on the bottom for placing on an even surface and may have a different shade or luster, depending on the percentage of metals used. If possible, find a singing bowl that has been hand-crafted by a seasoned expert and not one that has been made on an assembly line. This indicates that positive energy has been used in the bowl making process and much of this power could be retained.

Set your singing bowl in a room where it can be admired and easily accessible. Take time to hum or strike your bowl with a mallet and enjoy the energy that the vibrations bring. Care for your singing bowl as you would any precious object.

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