4 Ways to Connect with Archangel Michael (It’s Easier than you Think!)

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Calling upon Archangel Michael is one of the easiest processes that there is. He is always willing and able to jump in and help whenever your plea is made known.

Prayer when in Need

Michael is mentioned in 3 major religions where prayer is the recommended form of communication. This prayer can take on different forms, but all involve protecting from harm, giving one strength and opening your eyes to the truth.

Call out to Archangel Michael

When you feel that the negativity of the world is becoming overwhelming, call out to Archangel Michael and he will soon be by your side, releasing a warm and powerful shell around you. Making the plea is simple. Using your mind, ask him to give you courage in a world filled with turmoil. Almost instantly, you will feel his powerful presence.

Meditating for Clarity

Meditation is a great way to request Michael. Whether you are clearing your mind of stress or are building your chakras to reach a higher plane, Michael will assist you by giving your mind better clarity and the ability to move forward easily.

Invite Archangel Michael into your Dreams

Often, we are so fearful of a situation that our mind has problems in releasing. Ask Michael to come to you in your dreams where you can better manage the stress through your subconscious and awake feeling courageous and ready for any battle. It makes no difference to this mighty angel of the form of communication. He is willing to help in any way possible.

There is no set ritual for contacting Archangel Michael. You just need to invite him to connect with you and to support you in your life experiences. Archangels have no limitations associated with time and space and so they can connect with all of those who call upon them at the same time. Simply say “Archangel Michael connect with me now” or “Archangel Michael protect me now”. Watch for Michael’s signs of his arrival and do not be afraid to communicate your concerns with him.

Connecting with archangel Michael is easier than you think. Some good advice here on how to ask Archangel Michael for help.

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