What is the Crown or 7th Chakra?

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The 7th chakra is the highest power of the body and never dies. There are always new thoughts and concepts of the mind taking place within this chakra region. Some people accept the notion that it is up to them to expand and control these actions, but the crown chakra offers so much more.

The Lotus Flower

The crown chakra is located on the very top of the head and is represented by the lotus flower. This makes sense when you picture the lotus opening and spreading its petals, reaching out to an unknown spirit. Think of the many intricate weavings of nerves in the brain and picture them as thousands of lotus petals opening and reaching for higher knowledge. This flower is violet and white in color, as are the veins of the mind, and are delicate, as are the connections to a superior power.

Calcification of the Brain

Surrounding this delicate chakra is an invisible egg-like layer that can prevent the 7th chakra from working to the best of its ability. Within this shell, ego works to keep the material world locked in the brain. However, this shell can be broken and the universe opened to the mind. Yes, there are those that find this kind of talk crazy, but such is the way with living with a closed mind.

Aspects of the Crown Chakra

The 7th chakra controls our pituitary gland. It is believed to be the master gland of the body. Also known as the pineal gland, it is located between the two hemispheres of the brain just above the spinal column. Responsible for releasing melatonin, it also oversees the nervous system. But, most important, the pineal gland links the brain and the soul.

The crown chakra allows knowledge to flow to us. It further opens a spectrum of humanitarian and devotional awareness through the Divine. Being able to feel the connection of a spiritual nature and self is a satisfying and wholeness that nothing in the world can provide.


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