Crystal Formations and Their Meanings

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Crystals are a form of energy that comes from the earth. These minerals can take on different shapes and sizes as their atoms are subjected to certain conditions and atmospheres. It is amazing to see the characteristics that each individual type seems to possess and how they have never changed over the centuries. Here are a few of the crystal formations and what they mean in regard to their energizing power.


A crystal wand is long and comes to a single point at one end. They may have 7 or 8 facets that lead to the point. Some may have smaller groupings of crystals at the base. This crystal is associated with prosperity, success and accomplishment, balancing a desire for material things with spiritual growth.



A chunk of crystal lacks the distinct points of crystal wands and can have rough edges with no particular shape. Small chunks are great for carrying in your pocket and larger chunks can be used in a room for enrichment.


A cluster consists of several small crystals that have bonded together through time. Depending on the specific properties, they can be used to cleanse, invigorate or calm an atmosphere.

Cut Crystals

A cut crystal has been manipulated to form a specific shape to make it more attractive. Depending on the craftsman, many can retain their energy and even amplify their power. Take care that the color has not been disturbed.

Tumbled Stones

A tumbled stone crystal will have a very smooth surface. This is created by tumbling a group of crystals over and over again until all abrasions are polished. These are popular for carrying in your pocket to be reminded of your energy and positive thoughts.

It is best if you can hold a crystal in your hand and feel the vibration. If this is not possible, knowing the source of the specific crystal and whether or not it has been manipulated by man is something to look for. Most crystals can be cleansed and programmed for optimal results. Sometimes a particular crystal formation will naturally attract your attention.

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