Crystal Shapes and How You Use Them

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Crystals can be found under the ground in all types of sizes and shapes. They have been known to enrich the environment of where they are found. Their power also holds true when used by energy workers in healing the physical, mental and spiritual properties in man. The shapes are particularly meaningful in healing and charging. Here are a few examples.

The Pointed Crystal

A uniquely shaped crystal, it is actually quite common. It has one pointed end and one rugged end. This is a great beginner’s tool in learning about the powers of crystal shapes. It is usually clear in color and has a multitude of strong powers in healing.

The Laser Wand

This crystal is longer than the pointed crystal and narrows at the tip. Many energy workers and acupuncturists rely on this crystal in providing positive healing powers that need to be directed to a specific area of the body.

The Tower

The shape of this crystal is almost evenly formed on the sides and flat on the bottom for standing upright. The crown will have a pointed tip. Very powerful for energizing anything that comes near, fluorite is a crystal that is used often for its grounding powers and designating a sacred space.

The Cube

Small and easy to program, the different points can practice more than one type of energy. For example, one point may be releasing energy while another point can be transmitting and emitting energy to other areas of the space.

The Heart

Known for resembling a heart, this crystal is valuable for attracting love energy. Working to dispel negative energies of emotion, such as sadness, grief, suffering and pain, this crystal directs its energy to the mental body.

The Pendulum

These tiny jewels of crystal are perfect for making into necklaces that can be worn close to the body. They initiate protection and healing and can identify impurities within the body. Different colors and shapes make them a personal beauty to have.

These are just a few of the many powers that crystals hold depending on their size and shape. Crystals are able to keep their power when removed from the ground and can be a great healing agent for any living being.


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    Where can I find these crystal shapes because I need then according to my problems and home problems I am suffering a lot please help me. Thank you.


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