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Sleep is important for everyone. Without adequate and deep sleep, we cannot perform our daily activities efficiently and diseases creep into our body. Most people, with the increase of stress and anxiety in today’s times, do not get enough quality sleep. You may count the hours that you are not awake, but if your mind is still in a whirlwind of the day’s events, you are not at rest. To improve the quality of sleep, try using these crystals. You may be surprised at how refreshed you feel come morning by using crystals for sleep.

But be aware when you are selecting healing stones for sleep to keep in your bedroom. With the objective of enhancing your quality of sleep, one needs a little more diligence and care. Crystals for sleep are one of the most trusted ways to improve your sleep. Some of the best crystals to help with sleep are as under:


Howlite-for-better sleep-

Howlite is one of the best healing stones found on this planet and great for decreasing an overly critical state of mind, selfishness, stress, and anxiety, thus bringing calm and relaxation. Worry and anger are two stressful emotions that can follow you into a dream state. When you are truly comfortable with yourself, insomnia becomes a thing of the past. This crystal can enhance your calcium level, making your bones and teeth stronger. It is beneficial for your soft tissues as well. It also can increase your awareness level, emotional expression, compassion as well as your patience. The stone’s speciality is to suck up all your negative energy, giving you the much-needed clarity to your thought patterns and consequently, a deep sound sleep. When you are healthy and free from tension and negativity with the help of this stone, sound sleep follows naturally.



This crystal for sleep is known as stone of transition. If turmoil seems impossible to overcome, there may be outside negative forces at play. Electromagnetic pollution from cell phones, computers and TVs have been known to block positive energies from implementing your emotional well-being. Lepidolite is known to clear this block, soothe the nervous system and restructure DNA, helping you to have deep sleep. It also aids in the relief of tension and related disorders. It helps in making your mind positive, giving you a peaceful sleep. It stimulates the heart, third eye, throat chakras as well as your mind. It gives power to the crown chakra, unlocking any obstructions.  It can help you to get over any habits and grievances of all kinds, providing you overall balance and harmony, necessary for sound sleep. Apart from this, this stone is made of lithium that is medically used to treat depression and mood swings. You love and trust yourself more with the help of this stone. This stone can enhance the power of detachment, which is one of the biggest forces of freeing you from emotional bondage, thus facilitating a peaceful sound sleep. 



It is a semi-precious violet stone. When used as a spiritual healer, Amethyst has the ability to soothe the mind and inspire an enhanced meditative state. This is a great feature, not only for seeking your Higher Power during meditation but as a sleep aid. Perception of dreams become more vivid as you feel your creative juices take hold while feeling at peace. It is ideal for people suffering from insomnia. It protects you from nightmares. If you want to find immediate peace, no stone is better than this. You can keep this stone on your bedside table or under your pillow as it will help in solving your sleep problem. This powerful stone also cleanses your mind and frees it of any negative thoughts. And while you are asleep, it will provide you with clarity if you are confused about something, helping you to wake up refreshed and relaxed. It is known to be a protecting stone which relieves you from anxiety and stress. 

Clear Quartz

clear quartz

This healing stones for sleep is also one of the most predominant minerals on Earth. A multi-faceted wonder stone, Clear Quartz has the qualities needed to calm a chaotic mind. Whether used before bedtime or during daytime meditation, the relaxing state can clear away the stress of everyday life. Try focusing on the points and imperfections of this crystal and feel the difference in your state of mind. This white crystal for sleep is believed to a ‘master healer’ stone. It is believed to magnify your energy. It is also said to help you in remembering things and also help you to concentrate. Clear crystals can also help to strengthen the immune system and balance your entire body, thus giving you a deep sleep. 

Mangano Calcite

Mangano calcite

This healing stone is all about love, compassion, and forgiveness. It helps to let go of your past experiences, helping you to sleep better. It helps in emotional healing. It also boosts your dignity and confidence. When tucked under your pillow at night, this crystal helps to reduce anxiety, stress and nightmares. If you keep it in your bedside table, it will also improve your sleep immensely. It is believed that its ability to assimilate calcium reduces blood pressure and works to ease pain. It helps in digestion, thereby increasing your immunity level. Mangano Calcite also works to relieve fear, a huge barrier in receiving a good night’s sleep.

You can use these sleeping and calming stones to do meditation before going to bed. This will help you in keeping your body, mind, and soul calm for a good sleep. You can wear them to regulate the energy levels in your body, helping you to sleep easily. But you should use one of these calming crystal for sleep at a time, as using many crystals to help with sleep at one time can generate high energy, keeping you away from sleep.

Crystals as a natural sleep aid and help for insomnia. I will need to get some of these great crystals.

Try monitoring the effects of different crystals for sleep by regulating their use to find out which one works best for you. There are other crystals to help with sleep that can bring positive energy to mind and soul. Try different stones to find your own personal aid in discovering that perfect rest that has been evading you.  I hope you try some crystals for sleep soon.  If you have a favorite crystal you use for better sleep, please let us know in the comments below.

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