Is There a Difference Between Seeing and Reading Auras?

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difference between seeing and reading aurasSeeing Auras

Being able to see your own aura or the auras of others is a simple procedure to learn.  Feeling an energy field is the first sign that an aura exists.  Transferring this feeling into one of visual consecutiveness is the next step.  Everyone shares a Universal Human Energy Field and colors represent certain emotions that resonate from individuals, or from other living entities.

Vivid colors are not going to jump out and draw a line around the energy, but a subtle glow of light will begin to form around fingers and hands as you concentrate on the radiation of your own body.  Learning to see your own aura will prepare you to see the outline of auras in others.  Once you are able to manifest a soft outline that forms from the energy field, colors will follow.  You will then be in a position to start reading what auras represent according to feeling and color.

Reading Auras

Interpreting auras is not as simple as merely seeing outlines of color.  Just like a fever can point to several different types of illness, reading auras can be a very complex matter.  Hues, sharpness and intensity of color have to be measured against emotional, spiritual and physical characteristics.  While colors are absolute, weaving meaning into the complexity of an individual can change the meaning of an aura reading.

In addition to learning to analyze a person’s true emotional well-being and the colors portrayed, everyone has a different electromagnetic spectrum in how colors are perceived.  Vibrations in the scope of frequencies can also have a bearing on how colors look to those that study and read auras.  Reading auras can become an insightful way of increasing your awareness of the Universe and can unleash your perceptions of how all space is energized and relevant.

It is very enlightening to discover the different shades of auras in yourself and others, but having the ability to read into the meaning of an aura is quite different and should only be done by someone with a vast knowledge on the subject.  But, have fun with this new adventure in being able to visualize the different colors and the amazing meanings that each one has to offer.

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