The Difference Between Reiki Healing for a Person and an Animal

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The benefits of practicing Reiki Healing are not limited to humans. The universe holds all types of creatures that can suffer from pain and sadness. Humans have been blessed with an intelligence that animals do not share. While it is our choice to use the energy provided by the world, animals are not so lucky.

Humans can help other humans with Reiki Healing by transmitting levels of energy to another if they are readily accepting. Their systems are designed to receive messages from the brain that control emotions and pain. Animals only know that they hurt and that they are destined to suffer.

Meditation is the main difference in animal and human Reiki healing. You have to find that connection that makes an animal feel wanted and loved. Animals do not share the same qualities as humans. They are innocent and pure in terms of what they understand. They are not spoiled by the ills of the world through emotions as humans are. However, what interaction many animals have had with man is not always good.

Animals can feel a variety of emotions like trauma, sadness, fear, and pain. Through Reiki healing, you are able to reach inside of an animal and produce a feeling of comfort and compassion. They will recognize this as a connection. Once this oneness has been established, you can calm and soothe whatever ails an animal through a spiritual bond and trust.

Animals do not need to suffer through pain and tragedy when someone trained in Animal Reiki Healing can bring themselves to the same energy level as the affected. There may be a difference of intelligence between humans and animals, but the vibrations of feeling are still the same. All animals are capable of rebalancing and self-healing when Reiki healing is put into action.

Connecting with animals can be a compassionate way of demonstrating to them how much better their lives can be. They may not understand the reasoning behind the action, but it delivers positive results just the same.

What is the difference between doing human Reiki and animal Reiki?

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