What are the Emotional Benefits of Meditation?

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What are the Emotional Benefits of Meditation?meditation

It is easy to wake up in the morning and tell yourself that you will not let your emotions run wild today. This is harder to do once the interaction with people begins. Negativity seems to be everywhere. The news on TV, commuters headed to work, and the stress of a demanding job soon has your emotions on edge. Anger, hurt and resentment can easily make one forget about their early morning positive commitment. Meditation works behind the scenes to keep emotions in check, even on the worst days.

Mindfulness Meditation

The buzz word for controlling pain and emotions has been dubbed ‘Mindfulness Meditation’ by researchers that have been studying this link in the brain. By watching MR images of the brain in those that regularly practice meditation, a unique discovery was made. The cerebral cortex that is associated with attention and emotional integration was thicker than of those that did not meditate.

Those that regularly practice meditation do not need scientific evidence to know that there are emotional benefits. When stress is easier to handle, music sounds better and you are able to focus on tasks more easily, it is clear that meditation has merit.

ChanPhysical Benefits of Meditationging the Cortical Alpha Rhythms

Yet another research measured how the brain was affected in cortical alpha rhythms during meditation. This test followed how our bodies and minds pay attention when meditation is used. This could have a positive effect on how the mental system in our country is operated with a natural and safe alternative.

Medical research is now proving what meditation has been offering for centuries and is changing the course of medicine. Millions of dollars are spent each year in trying to control depression and to help individuals cope with stress more easily. There is no miracle drug that can change a person’s outlook on life or deliver a positive feeling.

The power of meditation has the ability to put us in touch with our true self, in turn, giving us the opportunity to move past a self-motivated desire for immediate gratification. Once this occurs, the brain can perform better emotional processing and provide only the rational controls of the mind. The results allow us to cope in unruly situations, see the emotions of others with clarity, and focus on what is really important in life.

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