How Can Feng Shui Be of Value in Your Day-to-Day Life?

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Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese system of decorating or designing to increase the flow of qi, also called chi—energy—in a building or a home. It uses color, spatial arrangements, orientation to different directions and shape to improve positive energy flow and eliminate negative energy. While this system has been around for centuries, we only now understand some of the concepts behind energy. Einstein’s theory of relativity states that matter cannot either be created or destroyed but changes to energy and that energy can convert to matter. All matter about you has energy and Feng Shui helps you organize that matter to create the most productive and beneficial energy flow.

Changing your environment can change your life. While it won’t do it magically, you still have to put effort; it will make the process easier and with fewer hitches. Is your love life stunted? You can attract love by putting doubles everywhere you see. Don’t have a single nightstand, but use two nightstands, one on each side of the bed. Avoid hanging a single picture, instead put up two side by side. If attracting money is part of your goal you can start in the kitchen. Keep plenty of fresh food in the refrigerator and pantry that you use on a regular basis. Make sure that your stove is clean and that you rotate the use of the burners to balance the energy.

The first step should always start with removing clutter. Clutter blocks the flow of energy and can even bring negative energy that affects your life. If you don’t like something, give it away, pack it away or throw it away. You should always have things around you that make you feel good. Allowing clutter to build, particularly if it’s clutter from unwanted and unusable objects, crowds the area, stagnates the flow of chi and doesn’t allow new energy, people, objects or experiences to enter. One woman cleans her closets and drawers once a year and eliminates a bag of clothing and items each day to give away or throw away. It makes room for new items and is a cleansing ritual for beginning a new year. More space means more opportunity.

You can use Feng shui in the home and in the office. You’ll often see live plants in offices and that’s because living plants bring in a strong life force. A fountain is also another way to stimulate the creation of wealth. Water represents finances, so broken faucets mean loss of money and an open toilet seat means you’re flushing money down the drain. Even pictures with water or mirrors that represent water should not be high enough to keep your nose under water. That makes you drown financially.

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  1. Vivian

    color does not play a big part in fengshui. the only imtapront thing to remember is to be careful where to put the color red, as in a big red wall, because red tend to magnify both good energy as well as bad energy. so for example based on flying star theory, an area has an energy tending to have more fire, if you paint red there, either you have fire literally burning your house down or the person living there will have a heart attack, bec fire is also illnesses related to the blood and heart.References :


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