Five Crystals to Use for More Energy ~ Scolecite – Stone of Lightworkers

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Five Crystals to use for more Energy


There are many crystals that provide more energy than others. Often rare in nature, these can be added to your collection for increased vibration and frequency.  This week I introduce #5, which is Scolecite.

#1) Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer diamonds are the most powerful of the Quartz crystals. Used by teachers of spirituality and alternative healers, they manifest a pure, solid light. They are very strong in removing electromagnetic pollution and radioactivity, in addition to wiping away energy blocks or debris. They are perfect for use in meditations, dream and vision work, and advanced spiritualization applications.

#2) Datolite Crystals

Datolite is a high vibration stone that boost psychic gifts. It has a very profound effect in the Crown Chakra and increases the awareness of the brain. Problem solving, memory improvement and understanding mathematical intelligence are a few of the areas that datolite improves. Retrieving lost memories of childhood are often possible by implementing datolite crystals in spiritual work.

#3)  Petalite

Clear petalite or raw pink petalite are extremely valuable in accessing Higher Realms of spirituality. It has a high sweet vibration that elevates psychic abilities. In addition to hearing the voice of angels, petalite has excellent healing abilities. Targeting stress, high blood pressure and cancer, it is among the most powerful crystals for high energy use.

#4)  Tanzanite

Tanzanite is often called ‘the stone of magic’. It helps to integrate the Heart and Crown chakras with the Throat and Third Eye Chakras in a way that broadens one’s vision and benefits meditation. Communication and psychic abilities are enhanced through the powerful energy of this stone by stimulating insight and spiritual awareness.

#5)  Scolecite – Stone of Lightworkers

Stagnant energies are dissipated quickly when scolecite is used. Subtle messages from the inner self are more easily recognized and put to use. Dream recall is more easily achieved as the dream state is enhanced. For those wishing to transport to a higher state of consciousness, scolecite enables a smooth journey. As a chakra of the heart, this is a favorite crystal in working on relationships and improving emotional problems.

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