Five High Frequency Crystals for Healing

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Crystals are very unique in their different ways, and out of the vast ocean of crystals today we will be talking about high-frequency crystals, especially those with magical healing powers! But what’s the significance of high-frequency crystals one might ask. Well, high-frequency crystals help one raise their vibration, and these high vibration stones and crystals in turn help in increasing your level of positivity, energy, happiness, success, and whatnot!

As you increase your knowledge of the different healing crystals, you will find some interesting types that are not usually mentioned. Many are rare or difficult to purchase. However, the high frequency of these 5 stones is worth remembering when looking for high energy in healing.

Well, let’s dive into the beautiful and magical world of crystals and get to know more about them, shall we? 



Behind the reason for sustaining health lies the significance of why we are here on earth. Sugilite provides very strong energy that is not only healing but relative to our relationship with dismissing the ills of the earth. Only after one has gained this necessary insight can the well-being of mind and body become an ongoing way of life.

How should one use Sugilite, now that we know it’s one of the most iconic, high-frequency crystals!

Sugilite is very easy to use. Here are some ultra-simple steps for you!

  1. Wear it on a daily basis: It will help you in deflecting lower negative energies and will pave the path for you to achieve and take control of your life spiritually. Last but not least, makes you very aware and more attuned to intuitive and spiritual guidance.
  2. Meditate with it, regularly: It will help you strengthen the electromagnetic field and you are going to enjoy higher access to your very own chakra for healing and psychic protection!



Unlike most crystals, goethite is an uninteresting-looking stone. It is dark and unappealing as a piece of jewelry but boasts of one of the strongest vibrations from the earth. Used mainly during the grieving process, this crystal is instrumental in whisking away past emotional hurt and calming the soul for more important things. By destroying the root of an emotional problem, many physical ailments are often addressed.

Why should one use Goethite?

How can one not talk about Goethite, while talking about high vibration stones and crystals? Now that you’re aware of its true potential it’s time to know how to use them properly and well!

The reasons are very simple, Goethite is a crystal that will make you feel welcome and safe in the world and even if you’re having a hard time adjusting to maybe a different environment, Goethite’s high vibration will help you face that and make you feel warm and in touch with your new surroundings. Goethite is also a stone that helps you if you’re grieving after losing someone you loved. All in all, Goethite is one of the best high-frequency crystals that will forever make you feel at home and safe.

Aqua Aura Quartz


This blue crystal, which is layered with fine gold, is stunning in appearance. As with all quartz stones, the energy is quite high. Specifically, negative psychic energy is kept at bay and this crystal is often used in distance healing due to its high-frequency abilities. It is also used in conjunction with other healing stones to energize their presence in the healing process.

How to use an Aqua Aura Quartz

We all love high-frequency crystals and the change they bring to our lives, but one needs to know how to use them properly if they want to enjoy their magic well. So let’s see how one should use the Aqua Aura Quartz.

  1. Jewelry: The best and easiest way to use the aqua aura crystal is by simply wearing a piece of jewelry that contains this high vibration crystal! You can easily make a beautiful ring, bracelets, or even a simple pendent out of this beautiful stone and it’ll continue to be close to you at all times and protect you. 
  2. Keeping it in office/ home: If you constantly crave positive energy, you should keep it at both your working place and at your home! Just a fun fact- it’s best when the crystal is kept in the west direction. Also, if you’re wondering, then yes, you can easily wear one all the time and even have a few other aqua aura crystals at your place and office at the same time!



Shungite is the present-day miracle worker of all crystals. Although it has been around for 2 billion years, its antioxidant value was discovered in the 1990s. Containing a high frequency level, it is a rare stone that contains carbon molecules. The amount of vibration found in this crystal helps against negative forces, addresses physical ailments, and brings clarity in a cluttered mind. 

What are the benefits of using one of the most high frequency crystals of all time, Shungite?

Just like all the high vibration crystals and stones we talked about, Shungite also has a few amazing properties and benefits. So, Shungite is a highly rich-in-carbon stone that helps in controlling and further reducing inflammation, shields electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions and oxidative stress! 

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a combination of calcite, lazurite and pyrite. It is considered a stone of protection against psychic attacks with its high energy properties. It is used for boosting the immune system, purifying blood, lowering blood pressure, cooling and soothing the areas of inflammation. It also alleviates vertigo, and aids in overcoming depression.

How to use the brilliant Lapis Lazuli?

Before we conclude this article about five high frequency crystals and their healing property, let’s take a look and learn what are the best ways to use Lapis Lazulis!

  1. Home sweet home and office: If you want to safeguard your house or office from negative energies or psychic attacks, it is best to keep one in your place because it will truly protect you at all costs!
  2. Jewelry: One of the best ways to use the Lapis Lazuli is to indeed wear it and keep it close to you all the time, hence jewelry happens to be one of the best options! When the Lapis Lazuli is in direct control with your skin all the time, it further ensures you keep on soaking all those high and good vibrations all the time.

5 high frequency crystals for healing. I need to make sure I have these healing crystals in my gemstone collection

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