Foods that are Good for the Heart Chakra

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Foods for your heart chakra. All these foods are delicious as well.

Which Foods are Good for the Heart Chakra?

Feeding the heart chakra consists of more than just opening your mind and soul. The body must also be receptive to the energy that needs balanced. While surrounding yourself with the color green can be beneficial with your regular meditation routine, think beyond your mind. Have you properly prepared your body to accept the joy, happiness and love that you so desperately desire? Here are a few suggestions for aligning your physical properties with the mental healing that will boost your development of the heart chakra.

Think Green

Mother Nature helps in color-coding the right foods for the right charkas. Green not only symbolizes the heart chakra, but also shows us what our bodies lust for in achieving a well-balanced heart. Green vegetables and fruit are marked in such a manner to know what is best for good circulation, a healthy heart and controlled blood pressure.

Green Vegetables

Spinach, zucchini, kale, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, green beans and peas are examples of green vegetables that promote better air circulation within our bloodstream. Herbs are also great for healing and regulating the body for optimum energy. Some of these include parsley, thyme, rosemary, basil, sage, mint and coriander.

Green Fruits

Limes, green grapes, green apples, avocados, cucumbers and kiwi are excellent in adding the right balance of oxygen-delivering vitamins to the bloodstream and heart. Preparing smoothies with these fruits can help to put your body and mind in a more receptive mood to opening the heart chakra. Green tea, spirulina and chlorella are super foods that aid, as well.

Experiment with your favorite green fruits and herbs to create a great morning smoothie and feel the warmth and energy begin to move throughout your veins. Tear up some greens and season with a variety of these beneficial foods for a light lunch. Add some goat cheese or pine nuts for flavor. With the right balance of energy, you will enhance your desire to improve self-healing and development. If possible, go outside to perform your meditation in balancing the heart chakra. The fresh air and feeling the grass between your toes will create the perfect atmosphere for getting in touch with your 4thchakra.

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