Games to Help with Manifestation Skills

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Games to Help with Manifestation Skills

Everyone is born with the spiritual ability to materialize certain feelings, paths or objects by utilizing this untapped perception. However, our society often abandons this sense because it is not immediately apparent. Touch, taste, sight, hearing and speaking are physically obvious and practiced non-stop throughout our lives. By discovering and practicing the hidden sense of subtle perception, you are able to manifest and enjoy much more from life. Here are a few games that can help develop your skills of manifestation, simply by putting them to practice during your daily routines.

Shoot the Dice

Playing dice is not a skill of luck when you are experienced in the art of manifestation. It can also be a way to exercise your mind in holding a certain thought in place. Start with a pair of dice and roll the pair. As expected, you will see two numbers appear that are a surprise. Now, concentrate on one number and hold in your mind. Transfer this number into a visualization of one of the dice. See it striking the table and ending face up with your desired number. Don’t just wish that the number will appear, but know that it will.

Finding a Parking Space

There are many people that perform this game without even realizing it. Driving around a parking lot and looking for an open spot can be annoying or it can be an opportunity to focus on the act of manifestation. A little easier than shooting the dice, there are several options that come into play. Pinpointing a specific car moving out of a specific spot is not as important to focus on as the length away from the building. This is a great game for those new to exercising manifestation skills as it is easy to conquer.  I like to put an intention out in the universe as I’m on my way to the store.  Such as “I will quickly and easily find a spot close to the door”.

Materialize a Favorite Food

Think of a piece of fruit or favorite food and hold it in your mind. Nurture it with your other senses of sight, taste and smell. Next, see how long it takes for someone to offer this treat to you or watch it appear in another fashion.

These are just a few games that can help to expand your manifestation skills along with regular meditation and the right positive attitude. Use your mind as a visual tool to enhance your extra sense and notice how it becomes a regular part of life.

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