Getting to Know Your Astral Helpers

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The human body is an amalgamation of the material and the astral. Your physical body is the representation of your material world. On the other hand, your soul, is the representation of the astral element. Our bodies are mere instruments that house our soul for the duration of our lives. In order to understand our true selves, we need to have a good understanding of our astral definition. Astral definition is nothing but, what your soul is made of. Depending on the energies that your soul absorbs and emits, outlines your astral definition.  The human body has its own limitations, but the soul doesn’t. 

Our souls are capable of travelling back and forth the astral and physical plane. But it is not as easy as it seems. Astral plane is not easy to navigate and is full of unexpected astral chain of events. Therefore, every soul has an astral helper that guides them through the astral plane. Astral helpers are not as identifiable as your guardian angels. Connecting to and identifying astral helpers is way more of a complicated science as compared to discovering your guardian angel. While you do not have a chance at choosing your guardian angel, the matter is otherwise in case of astral helpers.

The astral chain of energy is extremely sensitive. It can sense even the faintest of energies being emitted and absorbed by your soul. Depending on the quality, quantity and intensity of energies, you attract your own astral helpers. In order to know your astral helpers, you need to understand your soul. An in-depth analysis of your soul via meditation and calming rituals is a must to know your astral helpers


Your astral helpers are never far away. They watch your every move and wait on your questions. It is not their job to judge you or to punish you for wrongs that take place in your life. These are considered learning life experiences to them and they will happily lead you away from a bad situation when asked.

Make time to find out who your astral helpers are and you will become friends quickly. This can be done by meditating and asking them questions. Cleanse the energy of your space and begin your meditation. Envision being inside of a large white translucent ball that starts at the crown of your head and covers your whole body. This bubble will help you to feel protected from the outside when your visitor arrives.

Your astral helper will likely be speaking to you telepathically. Only after your mind is completely cleared of day-to-day chatter will you be able to feel them nearby. Your guide may provide answers through voice or feeling, or possibly light or symbols, as well as through gifts, or some other gesture. When you do meet your guide, feel free to ask questions about your life purpose, your career and passions, as well as about love and family, and any other questions that are on your mind. Always be appreciative for any gesture that they make.


Astral helpers are not typical heavenly creatures. In fact, they are far from that. Astral helpers never do anything for free. They feed off on gratitude and reverence. The astral plane is like a great sea of light. Your astral helpers are equivalent of a travel guide. They guide you through this plane where you can satisfy your curiosity and find answers to your anxiousness. Astral helpers even protect you from the unknown lurking dangers of the astral chain

Some say that astral beings can be both good and evil. If this is so, the good ones are not hard to spot. They only know how to react according to the Golden Rule and will do nothing to harm you or place you in dangerous situations. It is the role of the astral helpers to develop, expand and perfect your mental body that you cannot readily see in the material world.

Once you have met your astral helpers, you will feel their presence when struggling with a problem or not being able to concentrate. They may make suggestions, give you a sign or even tell you to balance your chakras. They will not do the work for you, but act as a spiritual friend.

If you really want to excel in effectively communicating with your astral helpers, you should work profusely towards opening your third eye. Nothing works better than training your third eye to spot events in the astral plane. The stronger is your third eye, the more visible and evident is the presence of your astral helper. As you gradually work on your third eye, you might be tempeted to overtly work on your crown chakra as well. While crown chakra is the ultimate goal to reach enlightenment, pause yourself. When you open your crown chakra, your body loses control of your soul. Without proper guidance you might not be able to control the astral chain of events that might follow. 

A partially opened crown chakra ensures smooth connectivity and communication with your astral helpers. If you want to know your astral helpers on a deeper level, dig in to the insights discussed above. Also let us know in the comments section below, about your experiences with your astral helper.

Learn how to summon your astral helpers and how to get to know them.

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