Give Happiness and Get Happier

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Give Happiness and Get Happier

Many people associate personal happiness with getting everything they have ever dreamed of, whether it is the latest gadgets or the best cruise. But this is not so because when you give happiness, you will become happier for it – and it is not just anecdotal evidence because science has also proven it to be true!

In MRI studies of the brain, the mid-brain region of the human brain lights up whenever altruistic acts, such as making charitable donations, are made. This is also the region of the brain responsible for pleasurable rewards, such as when cravings for food are satisfied. Indeed, the direct relationship between charitable giving and pleasure can be established by several scientific studies on the matter.

Basically, when you make it a habit to give others your resources, including your money, time and talent, you will become happier for it, as well. But this does not mean you will not leave something for yourself – for you can only give what you possess – and that includes your own sense of happy contentment.

You can also maximize your happiness in giving to others by keeping these tips in mind:

• Choose specific projects and/or persons. You will be able to ask about the progress your donation has made particularly in terms of improving the quality of life of the beneficiaries. You will even feel encouraged to donate more since your donations have tangible results.

• Give with all of your heart while expecting nothing in return. Your mind will be freed of the strings which are making it demand good-for-good when your charitable donation comes without strings attached. You may even be surprised the assistance you provided others will come back in a greater manner, if not in terms of material wealth, then in better things like friendship.

• Give frequently even when in smaller amounts. Sometimes, it is not the small amounts that matter, but the frequency with which these donations are made, since these will eventually add up. For example, if your goal for the month is $200 to your favorite charity, then you can make smaller donations until you hit the limit- and more.

When you give happiness to others, you are also making yourself happy for we are on Earth to help others. That alone is as good a reason as any to be happy.

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