What is the Gold Sun Meditation?

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gold sun meditationWhat is the Gold Sun Meditation?

With all of the negative space that surrounds us on a daily basis, it is possible to lose a certain amount of energy. The Golden Sun is a symbol that reminds us of the power that is available to all for keeping our energy alive. Gold Sun Meditation is a method of renewing energy that may have been given away, lost or decreased through situations in life.

The 8th Chakra

The Golden Sun is also referred to as the 8th chakra. Located about 2 feet above the 7th chakra, it is where the spiritual perception and wisdom are held. Once you reach this position, your little corner of the world becomes engulfed into the unlimited realm of the universe. Spiritual abilities present themselves to you and a disconnection of the earth is felt. This can be an uncomfortable and strange sensation from reality, but one that can become quickly accustomed to.

Letting Go of Earth

Past life traumas are able to be cleared away, setting the stage for spiritual abilities. The Foot Chakra may pull you back, due to the hesitation of letting go of the earth. If this sensation persists, perform a Foot Chakra cleansing before continuing. You may want to do this cleansing before the Gold Sun Meditation is tried.

Embracing the Spiritual

It can be difficult to reach the level of the 8th chakra. Any type of fear can keep the 8th chakra from opening and preventing you from entering. You will need to go back and discover the underlying fear, whether it be emotional or physical, and remove this block. Entering into the region of the Gold Sun can be a new experience where initial shock can break the aura. Past karma may also keep the opening from fully appearing. Work with clearing the 8th chakra or have a professional help you.


Most individuals find mantras advantageous in keeping the energy of the Golden Sun open and provide additional awareness. There are different mantras for healing, clairvoyance, out of body travel, advanced dream-recall capabilities, or telepathy.

All of the anticipation of achieving this higher power will be worth the time and being able to return to this point will be much easier in the future.

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