Gratitude is a Focus All Year Long

by | Feb 22, 2017 | Manifestation | 1 comment

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gratitudeIt is human nature to always strive for more. More money, more time and more stuff are dreams that never seem to be filled. However, our wants and needs are two separate things. If you stop and focus on what you already have, the gratification can bring you more of what you want.

Neglecting to appreciate the things of life that truly matter can cause a downward spiral into your ability to think positively and can compromise your energy. Think of your health, your family and your home as pluses in the world and never forget to show your gratitude for everything that you have been blessed with. There will always be people with more than you, but also people with less than you. Write down a list of everything that would be sorely missed if they were suddenly taken away. This can be in the form of a journal or diary and updated each day. Or post a note on your refrigerator and never let your bounty leave your mind.

Gratitude is a basic law of attraction that takes little time but can boost your energy level tremendously. Think of everything you have complained about on the previous day. Chances are, those same feelings have rolled over to today and have not solved a thing but to deplete your energy. There are always going to be problems due to your harbored need to remember them. Focus on your dreams as if they already exist and watch as the road to success becomes closer and what seemed like monumental problems become a thing of the past.

What you see around you can further impact your impetuous negative desires. Do no give in to what other people have or how perfect their lives appear to be. Focus on your vision, your circumstances and believe that you have the power to achieve anything. Remember, gratitude creates abundance. Complaining and lust creates poverty.

Gratitude is a simple step to take in the law of attraction, but the most important. Make it a continuous part of your everyday life and keep your guard up all year long against the negativity that likes to find an opening in your conscious.

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  1. bonnie morawa

    great post very inspiring


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