How to Heal and Open Your Throat Chakra

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The throat chakra is very important in relaying your thoughts and desires to others. It is the only way that your other chakras can be expressed through voice and should always be kept healthy and open. It is not unusual for this chakra to become closed with so much deception in the world. Hearing manipulation and untruths from others can make you begin to question your own inner thoughts.

When the throat chakra is completely open, you can feel a self-confidence of the truth and be able to express it eloquently through your speech. If fear and unclear thoughts begin to seep in, you are losing your balance of the throat chakra. Take these steps immediately in order to heal this important chakra so that your voice can be heard and understood.

Water and fresh fruit are natural sources that the body needs to replenish a healthy energy flow. Keep your body cleansed at all times to ward off negative input from others.

If you are feeling anxious or depressed from the inability to speak coherently, write down your worries in a journal or talk out your feelings with a friend. Sometimes bringing out these fears in the open can help you to see the real issue of your throat chakra closing.

Make a list of those emotions that are unfounded. Resentment, guilt, and anger are often caused by situations beyond our control. What is the use in hanging on to them? Concentrate on letting them go and moving on to more valid matters.

Keep a list of upbeat music nearby and sing along with the lyrics. If singing is not an option, quietly hum the tune. Replacing fear with self-expression is a wonderful way to drive away blockages by using the vibration of the vocal cords.

If you are able to meditate, surround yourself with the color blue and essential oils that help to restore balance in a closed throat chakra. A combination of scents includes jasmine, rosemary, sandalwood, and calendula. Reaffirm your self-worth and will to deliver a valuable truth to all.

If you do not keep the throat chakra open and healthy, it will affect the other chakras in a negative way and begin closing them, as well.

How to heal and open your throat chakra

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