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Herbs have been used on the planet for culinary, medicinal and spiritual purposes for as long as history dates back. They are products of plants that the earth has chosen to offer to man and animals as an important staple to life. The significance of herbs in providing health and welfare has been proven time and time again. For example, you can use certain herbs to protect the house from negative energy. Here are some of the most well-recognized herbs for home protection.

White Sage

white sage herbs to protect the house from negative energy

White sage is commonly found in desert areas and was well known for its use by American Indians to ward off evil spirits. It also has anti-fungal, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, calming, deodorizing, and healing properties. Often used in house smudging, it is thought to cleanse evil spirits from a home by attaching itself to negative energies and removing.



eucalyptus herbs for protection of your home

The Eucalyptus Gum Tree is native to Australia and possesses many of the same cleansing properties as White Sage. It is known for purifying and cleansing spaces in addition to relieving muscle pain from its anti-inflammatory properties. Easily recognized by the strong unique scent, Eucalyptus is one of the perfect herbs to protect the house from negative energy when you want to cleanse and protect.


Fennel herbs to protect the home from negative energy

Fennel is an herb that is often overlooked for cleansing negative energy from a home. It works on the human body and creates an energy field from within to ward off negativity to any space. Fennel was used by the ancient Chinese, Egyptians and Romans.  They believed it conveyed longevity, bravery, and power, as well as warding off spirits.


vetiver to protect from negative energy

Vetiver is native to India. It is seen as a sacred herb.  This sacred herb was recognized to be uplifting/soothing, healing and having protective properties that make it highly sought after. Vetiver essential oil can help to heal an individual from the inside out and bring a protecting energy field to a home.

From smudging to dried leaves to essential oils, using protecting herbs to protect the house from negative energy can help to eliminate negative energy as well as delivery good health to your body.


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Here are the best herbs for home protection.  You can use herbs to protect the house from negative energy.


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