How Does Meditation Work?

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How Does Meditation Work

Meditation may sound like a great idea for neutralizing the mind to relieve stress. However, many people do not understand the basics of meditation and give up before even getting started. Understanding how meditation works is the first step in arriving to a point of mental satisfaction.

The brain and the body will work together when entering a state of thoughtless awareness. A slow and steady breathing technique provides oxygen to the body and once the state of meditation has been achieved, stress hormones are calmed. By reducing the release of catecholamines, cortisol and other hormones, the heart rate slows while increasing blood flow.

Reaching a state of thoughtless awareness does not happen on command. There are phases of mind-clearing that transpire, just as a sea calms its waves. The mind slowly works past the mental chatter of pressing events. As they become dimmer and dimmer, only present thoughts of what lies around you comes into focus.

Living in the moment is where you want your thoughts to be. If existing problems keep overcoming your mind, step away and watch them unfold as an observer. Remove yourself from the situation and the picture will become smaller and smaller. It is also very easy to fall asleep during a session of meditation. Your must force yourself to stay alert and anticipate the feeling of total bliss.

Waiting on the mind to communicate with the body takes patience along with controlled breathing. Any effort to rush the moment will result in failure. The earth works in its own good time and your mind has to be set to accept this time table. Instant gratification has never been part of nature and it may take several sessions to reach that point of total surrender. Little by little, the warmth and calm of feeling a oneness with life will grow closer until all distractions and thoughts are totally void.

Meditation is not mind control as much as a healing process that we all have within us. Relinquishing to your desire to neutralize your mind and to follow certain steps, you can reach that point of calm where mind and body come together for a healthier existence. The more willing you are to reach your goal the sooner meditation can become a benefit, both mentally and physically.

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  1. Abraham J. Palakudy

    I think, if meditation is taught and meant for escaping from the grip of ego, the worldly self of man, and to realize everyone’s inherent oneness with the essence of Existence or God, the concept would gain a better sense of reality. In its existing sense and meaning, it is just a mind-exercise,rooting oneself more intensely with his ego. It helps ego to be more centered, hence to work,think and behave more efficiently and effectively. The other kind of meditation transcend one’s self into an altogether different realm, and him a permanent ‘other-ness’ from routine world: A helpful link is here:


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