How to Clean and Program Gemstones

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how to clean and program gemstones

A frequent question is how to clean and program gemstones.  There are a number of choices for how to clean, prepare and program a gemstone.  In this article I share my preferred method. This method involves three distinct steps.  Each is fairly easy and involves little time.  Yet when completed properly, the final results can be amazing!

Step #1) Cleansing – there are a variety of options available for cleansing a crystal.  Some of the most frequently used cleansing methods include placing the gemstone in sunlight, or in the light of a full moon, in sea salt, under running water or on or near a plant.  All can be effective.  For me the most effective method is placing the gemstone in full sunlight for one hour.  This is the most important step and is a must-do as soon as every new crystal arrives.

Step #2) Preparation – this is another critical step and the importance should never be underestimated.  Some call this step crystal preparation or dedication.  Some also combine preparation with programming, making it a single step.  In this step the crystal is prepared for programming.  Use a short, to the point invocation.  Start by placing the crystal in the center of your hands.  Next visualize the crystal lighting up with a bright white light.  Finally, dedicate the crystal ‘to the Highest Power and the Greatest Good’.

Step #3) Programming – this an important step where you focus the energy of the crystal for its purpose.  It is best to complete programming immediately following preparation of the crystal.  Start by making sure you have connected with the crystal.  If you don’t, take the time to make sure the connection has been made.  Then dedicate the crystal to it purpose (Manifest Wealth, a Relationship, or?) It is critical to be very specific and to keep the programming both brief and to the point.  Be very specific when programming the purpose.

Care must be taken in the handling and storage of each gemstone at all times.  For example, there should be concern regarding previous handling and exposure to negative energies when a stone first arrives.  Take care to handle each stone as if it may have undesired energy. Isolate gemstones.  Do not allow others to handle crystals you plan to work with.  This will help reduce the risk of being re-exposed to undesired energies once a crystal has been cleansed.

The importance of each of these three steps cannot be minimized.  Each is a building block that helps achieve the highest possible final result when using gemstones in your energy and healing work.

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