How to Heal Your Third Chakra

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how to heal your third chakraThe third chakra, also known as the solar plexus chakra, is connected to your self-esteem and having a positive self-image. In addition, it controls several important physiological functions. A third chakra imbalance can lead to serious self-doubt, digestive problems and a range of additional issues.  Let’s explore some of the ways on how to heal your third chakra.

How to heal your third chakra:

Healing and balancing the third chakra will require conscious effort on your behalf. You can rely on gemstones, positive affirmations, color therapy and various other techniques that deliver positive results.

The color of the third chakra is yellow. Choosing the right clothes and accessories can have a pronounced stimulating effect. The same applies to walks in the sun or relying on the healing power of yellow gemstones and semi-precious stones. A few of the suitable options include tiger’s eye, golden topaz, amber, yellow sapphire and yellow tourmaline.

Balancing the third chakra will also depend on the decisions you make on a daily basis.

Trying new things and challenging yourself frequently, for example, can have a healing effect. Attempting to do something new and being successful leads to a feeling of empowerment. As frightening as such experiments can be, they have a pronounced effect. Start with smaller challenges and move on to something a bit more difficult and demanding.

Chakra balancing can also be accomplished through regular yoga practices. The best asanas for the solar plexus chakra are the ones that focus on core strength. In this sense, Pilates is another great discipline that could provide relief from chakra imbalances. Dedicating 10 to 15 minutes to exercise every single morning will be sufficient to see the results.

Just like in the case of challenges, pushing yourself to do difficult yoga poses and to become a better practitioner will be as beneficial as doing the asanas that focus on core strength.

Finally, you may want to try visual art therapy if some of the previous approaches don’t seem to be the right ones for you. Art allows you to express yourself and explore your consciousness (maybe even your subconsciousness). You don’t need to be a professional and it doesn’t matter what art you’re focusing on. Just grab a few pencils, some clay or colored paper. Creating something with your own hands will give you the same sense of empowerment that overcoming challenging new situations will provide.

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